BELGIUM based, AFGHAN raised

It all started in 2000, when my parents decided to move to Belgium. I was raised with four other girls and two older brothers by a mother and father who I deeply admire. My parents raised seven beautiful children who all have different mind-set, goals and vision in life.

As a kid, I was always so admired by books and fashion. Kind of a mix between my father and mother. My father was a huge nerd at school and was able to accomplish so many things in his life. I have to admit I look a lot like him, inside and outside out LOL! My father taught me so many valuable lessons in life for example: don't ever neglect school. Knowledge is power. 

My mother on the other hand never had the chance to go to school but was always so passionate about fashion. She would always make her own dresses and clothes for her family (btw, she has 5! sisters) and other girls in her village. Afghan clothing is amazing by the way.

So there you go: a mix between going to school/enlarge my knowledge + having a huge sense of fashion and that's where THEREALINA was born.

A platform where I show how to maintain a blog and be a freelance stylist as a full-time student and where I kind of share my sense of fashion with the rest of the world.

Some people and my family recognize me as a productive, genuine and a well-rounded person.

I graduated at Karel de Grote-University College with a Bachelor degree in Business Management (SME-management) and I am now going back to school for my masters degree in Communication Sciences.

I worked with many big exciting brands such as “Torfs”, “Magaschoni”,”Colourful Rebel”, “JutkaRiska”, "Hunkemöller", "Estée Lauder",...

A lot of new projects coming soon so keep an eye on my blog!

"I will always intend to continue pushing myself to the limit to get where I want until my finger bones dry out." - Lina Safi