Hi guys!!

Working as an intern in New York City has its advantages and its disadvantages. Before I came to New York, I was doing three jobs to save money to pay for my expenses. I was working in an insurance company, a restaurant and was stitching t-shirts at my friend's company.

All that combined I think I saved enough to pay for my expenses but not enough to actually live in NYC the first couple of months.

When I arrived in NYC, I needed money in order to get the basics to survive, like food, water, clothing, ... But I didn't have enough. I wanted to experience all that life has to offer in the city, live in a nice apartments, go to dinner at nice places,... but it wasn't just that moment yet.

I spend all my money that I was earning on my expenses and there were days I was just running around with -20 on my card because I just didn't have enough money. So if possible, do whatever you have to do to save money because NYC is an expensive city and it will eat all your money.

I also bumped into a blog post on recently and thought of sharing it with you guys. It kind of explains how you can survive in the city. There are a lot of things I can relate to.

Have a look: