Hi guys!

I know everyone is wondering why I came back home and I wanted to share my story with you guys and it's going to be very personal so I would like you to read it:

November 2016, I remember packing my bags. I was crying because I really couldn't believe I was moving to NYC alone, a dream come true. It has always been my dream to work and live in NYC, save a lot of money, be financially free and take care of my parents and my siblings.

I was graduated from University College in Summer 2016 and right after that I wanted to do my masters degree. I happened to get that job offer in NYC so I wasn't going to say no to that so I wanted to work there for a year to save money so I could pay for my masters degree here in Belgium.

However, when I arrived, I stumbled from one nightmare to another. Life as an intern is not fun. You need to understand that as an intern you're in the states with a J1-visa which only allows you to work for your host company and not somewhere else. So even if I didn't have money to pay for my bills, I was still not allowed to work somewhere else to get some extra cash.

So here you go, my biggest nightmare: I wasn't able to pay my bills and it was really hard for me to stay in NYC emotionally and financially. I was financing everything on my own and I couldn't ask my parents or my sisters for help because they would kill me if they knew I was living in those circumstances, lol! They would literally just book my flight to get me back home.

It was a very hard time for me ever since I got there because a lot was going on and I couldn't understand why. It was never my intention to really settle down in NYC, all I wanted to do is work, gain experiences and save money. However, realizing all that in one year is impossible.

Not to forget that you need to make some sacrifices for yourself in those horrible circumstance because at the end of the day, it's you, you need to take care of. You will stumble to people who will take advantage of you, lie to you, pretend nothing is happening to you, comfort you with bullshit just so you can stay in NYC for their benefits and so on.

But I was happy I was still surrounded with Aysha and my friends from work and even my landlord who was helping me out a lot, emotionally and financially and I couldn't thank them enough. But even with my friends' help, I didn't manage to stay in NYC financially.

What happened after that was, I got a phone call from my mom begin of June and she told me she was in hospital for a back surgery. She wasn't doing well with her health so I thought.. maybe it's just time for me to come back home. It was also almost start of Ramadan, so the perfect month for me to be home with my family and get recovered of everything I was going through in NYC.

I knew this journey was going to be though. New York is not easy. You need to be very strong (or have a lot of money) to survive here but that doesn't mean I am not happy I was able to go through this journey because at the end of the day, it's an experience I will never forget.

It opened so many doors and opportunities for myself during my time in NYC and even when I came back home in Belgium.

I am really happy I gained a lot of experience because this journey really made me strong. There is really nothing I can't handle right now.

I spend the most beautiful 6 months in NYC despite what was going on and I can't wait to fill the next 6 months with a lot of new projects in Belgium.

So... who's excited?

Here's a glimpse of an awesome time in NYC: