White on white


As the summer ending, I wanted to do a white on white outfit and knowing that it is difficult to wear the color I wanted to help you guys:

  • Confidence;

doesn't matter what people say, wear it. "Should I really go out with white?" YES!! Do it!!

  • Accessories

if you really want to add some color, then glam it up with your bag, earrings, bracelets,... Or try with make-up (pink lips, eyeshadow,...)

  • Pieces

I know it's difficult to match some pieces so if you aren't good with that, try an all white jumpsuit, maxi dress, ... Or just try some different textures.

  • Tan

LOL, my sister came up with this! If you have a natural tan you will look absolute amazing with a white outfit but if not.. tan a day or two before, haha! However, if you feel good with your tan and the outfit, then just go for it.

Here you go! If you have any other tip you would like to share then comment below!






shirt: HM

white pants: MANGO


bracelets: HM


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