Hi guys!

Talking about one of my favorite brands, I am here writing a small review about a product I have been using for more than a week now.

The Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a product which already exists for years now. It's a like a gel/serum designed to work while you sleep, with an innovative 360° Matrix Technology™ that optimally restores and strengthens the skin around the eyes.

It repairs, fortifies & hydrates the skin and the serum is perfectly lightweight on the face. I know a lot of girls tend to have oily skin but this one is actually oil-free which makes it suitable for you guys.

How I have been using it:

So before I receive a product, it’s important for me to try it out first before posting about it. That’s why I have been using it for more than a week now and maybe the perfect time to write about it.

Before going to bed, I always cleanse out my face very well. So every single night I applied the serum under my eye and kind of massaged it smoothly. It feels cold but so fresh.

I have been noticing every morning that I look refreshed and hydrated and I think that’s really important for me now that I am going back to school again. I need to look good, hehe! And as you can see on my selfies below, you can see I look very hydrated and not tired anymore. It really helps for me.

So, it’s definitely a yes for me. Apply it every night, before moisturizing your face and you will feel and see a difference!

To help you better understand how your eyes move, Estée Lauder has produced a unique "See The World With Wide Open Eyes – A 360 Film" video that you can watch using a VR viewer.

Here's the link to the website, it's pretty dope!