Brainfood: what to eat during exams?


Hi guys!

Some students have been asking me a lot what I eat during exams. So I thought, why not make a post where I can share it with thousands of students who are struggling with the same question. These pictures belong to the amazing funkyforestfood, have a look on her IG or her blog!


Let’s start with breakfast. If you’re skipping breakfast, then you’re doing it wrong. It’s important to start your day with a healthy breakfast. You can try boiled eggs, tea with a toast, healthy pancakes, oatmeal with fruits,… These are all kind of delicious and healthy ways to start your day with. I usually start my day with a glass of lemon water and after 15 minutes I eat my breakfast.

Those who really can’t eat anything in the morning, you can try a (mmm) smoothie!



Lunch Try a salad with chicken, tuna, or anything that makes you have a “full” stomach for lunch. Do not eat something that gives you a really (!) full stomach for the whole day so that’s why I think a salad is perfect. Otherwise, you will get tired and then it’s very difficult to concentrate. You can even try to make a wrap (made out of the salad leaf instead of the wrap itself) where you can add a yoghurt sauce with chicken, tomatoes,…


Snack You can have some fruit, nuts, broccoli, avocado and even dark chocolate (yes!) as a snack during the day. ATTENTION: do not eat a lot of the chocolate or nuts. Just take a hand full of every snack (this even goes for chips) you eat.


Ask your mommy ( or do it yourself!) to make some dinner that contains some nutritional power because yes, we are all students who study late so to have a dinner that gives you a boost to study the whole night would be just perfect. You can try everything that goes with meat or fish. Add some brown rice and salad. Drink something that doesn’t have bubbles. Or you can eat sweet Potato and spinach quesadillas. That’s absolutely one of my favorites for dinner.


Here you go! Let's hope for good grades and untill next time!


Lina S.

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