Brussels; boring?!


"So... I've been in Brussels for 2/3 days... can't remember now. It's been fucking BORING I can tell you that...and raining, I can tell you that and all." - Noel Gallagher on Brussels.

What a disappointment. First of all, Brussels is one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium. The cute little places/streets, vintage stores, shopping streets, historical monuments,... and yes the rain...

Brussels is definitely not one of the romantic cities but there are still quite something that you can do with your loved ones or friends.

Like this cute little shop where they buy soap for pustules,... A friend recommended this store but luckily I don't have pustules!


And let's not forget the cute little stores:


the streets:


DSC_3237 DSC_3272 DSC_3293

And oh yes... the rain.


pants: ZARA

sweater: H&M

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