Casual chic


You ever had the feeling that whatever you say, it always sounds better in English? Well, whatever you wear, it's always better in black (most of the time tho...).

The color black is and will always be my best friend. Doesn't matter how happy I am, I'll put black over something colorful (I mean, most of the time tho...).

And that doesn't only goes out for clothes, but for handbags or any other accessories. If you read the previous post, you will notice I was talking about beautiful Moroccan clutches. Well, meet this cute little clutch which has the Fatima hand on it.

It can be used as an make-up case or in whatever way needed!

277A2382  277A2384  277A2386  277A2388    277A2392


pants: ZARA

shirt: ZARA basics


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