"New York... fast city life baby!"

"New York... fast city life baby!"

Before this journey, I had a very normal but busy life in Belgium. I was never home: school, work, friends and family. I thought that would all change in New York and would have more time for myself but it didn't. You can't believe how exhausted I am. I mean, no... these dark bags under my eyes aren't Chanel...

I work my a** off everyday and above all that, we hang out in the weekends 'till very late which means that Mondays are veryyy hard.

I don't consider myself to be always on time anymore because punctuality doesn't exist in New York City (LOL). It's hard to get up on time and work from 9h00 'til 18h00.

Making dinner after a long day is even worse so it's easier to go out and have dinner in a very good restaurant but that's not that cheap and healthy at all. I gained 5 kilos (11 pounds) ever since I got here and it keeps getting worser.

I can't help myself... the food out here is AMAZING. I HAVE to stop every two seconds to grab something to eat haha!

Enough about the food, let's see what we did this week:

We started the weekend with some very good food... Vapiano. We went there three times and every single time we are amazed by their food.

After that, we took the car and drove around China Town and stopped at the Chinatown Fair. A very fun spot to hang out with friends and beat them up with the games haha! I won from Aysha by the way, she was sooo pissed and couldn't admit she was a loser...

After beating her a**, we went to see the view over New York and Wall Street and it was sooo gorgeous. It was like a dream...

To see the view some more, we took the train to Brooklyn Dumbo Park where I tried to take some photos but I failed because of the quality... Taking pictures of New York by night with your iPhone really sucks!

Here are some spots we also visited and you should write down in case you would want to visit New York:

  • SOHO
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Times Square & Broadway
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Central Park
  • Uptown & Harlem

For now, let's enjoy the pictures below and let me know what you think!!

Xo Lina



Brooklyn Dumbo Park:

BB dumbo
BB dumbo

Chinatown Fair NYC:

View Manhatten + Wall Street