Office life


Hiiiiiii guys!

Some of you have been wondering what it was like to intern in New York City. That's why I thought to share my experience with you and give you an idea how working as in intern in New York City was like.

Let's start by saying: it's hard work!!!


Everything you do can be considered as good or even bad work. It's hard to find a good position in the company because they only see you as "the intern" who brings coffee all day. You don't have anything to say basically.

Well, not for me... I was lucky I got in the Marketing team and meet wonderful colleagues. I learned so much from my boss and we even became good friends.

Because I am eager to learn, I always came up with great ideas and showed them that I can do it. That's why they let me do a the photo shoot, which I organized myself couple weeks ago. I received so many positive feedback from my boss and colleagues.

I actually can say, after 10 weeks of hard working, that I had a wonderful experience there. With ups and downs of course.

But it all depends on you, if you don't take initiative you won't learn anything and they won't take you serious. Please, don't be the one that brings coffee. Step up your game and let them show what you capable of!!

How to dress:

Here is a quick look of one of my outfits for work. I always tried to come as simple as possible, especially because I was working from 9-6. Wearing something comfy was ideal.

I bought these cute coulettes from Zara which perfectly matched my lace heels from Forever 21. It looked great and professional.

As it's hard to find something decent in Forever 21, I always take my time whenever I am shopping there because I know they have good stuff. That's how I bumped into this beautiful bag which was for $30,- (cheap, cheap, cheap!)

Match it with a sweater when it's chilly and some pretty jewelry and you're ready to go!

Also, some internship won't let you wear sneakers or jeans so please, bare in mind!!

How to find an internship in NY?

It didn't took me a long time to find a decent internship, I think it was two weeks of intensive searching. If you're doing an internship for school, then you also have to bare in mind that it can't be a paid internship, it can't be an internship where you don't learn anything from,... and that's also one of the reasons why it can take you so long to find the right one.

I sent my resume and cover letter to companies where I was interested in: Tumblr, Twitter, L'oréal, Facebook, Unilever, ... but didn't receive a reply because they get soooo many every day. That's why I searched for smaller companies and bumped into mine.

What you also can do/try is to contact a celebrity or maybe a blogger and ask them if you can be their assistant. I think Negin Mirsalehi hires interns.

Also, if you found a good internship, please make clear agreements with the company regarding your work hours, your projects during your internship ... because it's never fun to work somewhere where they treat you as shit. If you make those clear agreements, they won't ever let you do things you didn't agree, such as overtime or bringing coffee all day.

So, I know it's hard to find the right one, but there is 1 advice I want to give you: just never stop.


There you go! If you have any further questions, please let me know. I would love to help you out.





Joei Blunt