"Oh no... another blogger..."


941756_514777391920672_1201270731_n Hi guys!

Wauw.. the first post..

Let's start with this picture. This goes out to my graduation from high-school in 2013. I've always wanted to start my own website/blog when I was graduated from high-school. I started with Tumblr which I still use and is so easy to maintain.

My first year at the University College was really intense so I never had time for myself, let alone for a blog. I literally spent so much time on studying but hey, I passed my first year and now my second year is going good as well. Got one more year to go and I still want to continue my life as a student by getting my master degree.

During my time in school, people asked me how I managed school with my hobbies: fashion and gym. Well, it's easy... Make time for what you love. That's why I want to share so many things with you on my blog: from outfit post and gym exercises and see how I keep things healthy, to really nerdy posts (how to find a perfect internship for example).

So let's hope you guys are enthusiastic as I am and do not forget, I'm not the ordinary fashion blogger. Just a full-time student with a passion for clothes, books and gym.


Wearing Zara heel.. joking. Let's save that for later :-)

PS: follow the account - eatlookandfeelgood - on Instagram for some gym exercises

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