One day I woke up and I was not feeling myself like B and Nicki Minaj do all the time. I wanted to have a little change, like being reborn again. So, I went to the hairdresser, who's just around the corner and asked "what should we do?". She recommended to do something really crazy and we came up with this short hair idea.

It totally reminded me of Olivia Culpo so it was fabulous! I was also thinking about doing a different hair color but this is just fine. Maybe something else for fall?

However, there are some times I miss my long hair but yeah I needed a change. Here is a glimpse of how I look with long and short hair.

What do you guys think: long or short hair?

1741519_212950075569846_2073073737_n   11375825_483622868479059_1171757851_n

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