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Hi guys!

Starting my Monday strong with some quite exciting news I want to share with you!

I am nominated for the Hunkemöller blogger awards, in the category "Nightwear". I know what you're thinking... sexy lingerie... lol but I actually chose something really different to wear and to write an exciting blogpost about.


I met Aimee Song(@songofstyle) this morning who was also excited for me and wants you guys to vote for me!! She is one of my favorite fashion blogger and I was so happy to meet her. I asked her to make a quick video, so read the blogpost and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Here we go:


I have noticed that Hunkemöller not only has really beautiful lingerie but also pajamas's. So I was thinking since it's fall and the "Pajama Street Style Ootd" is really in right now, I should make a lookbook on how to style this beautiful pajama in three awesome ways:


1. the "GOING FOR BREAKFAST" look:

Since I am going back to school for my masters, I find it really hard to have breakfast in the morning, to look for a perfect outfit,... so I am always rushing out the house to attend my classes on time but I am always hungry and I look like shit.

Now, I have a perfect excuse to wake up in the morning, hop out of bed BUT still with my pajama on and get me some delicious breakfast from Le Pain Quotidien and be on time for my classes. This is how I got inspired for this look, because it doesn't seem like you're wearing your pajamas. I combined it really simple with some sneakers, a vintage blazer and a handbag. 

It's also really good out now in Antwerp so this look really goes well for the weather.

A win-win situation, non?

2. the "CASUAL FOR A DAY" look:

Or how about a turtleneck on top of the satin pants? Cool for a casual day out or even to attend a meeting, class,...

I really love this look because I am always for comfy. I also really kept it simple so the attention goes to the satin pants.




To finish off the day: how about wearing the look for a night out with friends?

I combined the top really classic with a blazer and a beautiful white trousers. A beret to complete the look and some black heels.

My friends and I didn't went out but instead went to this cosy place in Antwerp to have some milk and cookies. 



So voila, there you go! I made up three awesome looks, you can literally wear from the morning to lunch time, to even "a night out" time.

I am so excited for this nomination and hope you are aswell. If you like this look, please vote for me below!

Thanks to Hunkemöller & UPR Belgium for this nomination. And ofcourse one of my amazing friend, Yasmine, for the awesome shots!

And ofcourse, Aimee Song(@songofstyle) for this exciting video! (please don't mind my head, I was really really really excited to meet her).

Let me know which one was your favorite. Mine is this bunny, hihi!




With love,






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